Saturday, February 13, 2010

Obtaining & Retaining Sponsors

Hot off the press... Smart Meetings talks to us about getting creative with your sponsorship outreach!

Thanks to Sandi for a great article... lots of good information.

10 Ways to Obtain and Retain Sponsors

Author: Sandi Cain
February 2010

Your Roadmap for Success
10 Ways to Obtain and Retain Sponsors
When one of Samantha Swaim’s Portland clients lost its sponsorship due to budget cuts, she scheduled a meeting with the former sponsor to discuss alternatives. Swaim, principal of Samantha Swaim Fundraising LLC, works exclusively on nonprofit fundraising events, and she thought there might be a way to salvage the relationship and still meet the needs of her client. In the end, the company used in-house resources to provide marketing tools and printing to the group and recruited employees to volunteer during the event. The bottom line: “They’re returning with a cash sponsorship next year and will still do the volunteer components,” Swaim says…

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