Thursday, July 28, 2011

Greater Giving Updates

Greater Giving has released new features in Event Software Online 5.0. We’re excited to see these changes increase efficiency for our clients and their events this fall! For these updates and more news you can use, check out our July eNews, hot off the press.

Improvements to managing and tracking admissions gives you a detailed, 360° view of each ticket purchase, including multiple tickets, sponsorships, auction purchases, and donations. You will now be able to view, track, and report on multiple tickets purchased by a single supporter and the individual using a ticket purchased by another guest the same way you can view, track, and report on donations, sponsorships, and auction purchases. This improvement helps you to identify “who’s who” at check-in, speeding guests into the auction to start bidding. And it will give you a far more accurate view of your most significant donors’ investment in your event and your mission to help you with your donor and sponsor cultivation efforts.

Easier management and tracking of table guests. Do you sell tables for your gala event via an online registration page? Event Software Online 5.0 makes it easier to for a table host to register individual table guests online. Table hosts can quickly manage their table seating by visiting your event webpages after purchasing the table and adding to or amending contact information for table guests. This improvement makes it much easier at check-in to match guests with the appropriate table (this feature available when using Event Software Online and Online Payments.)

Sponsorship dashboard helps you to better focus on recruiting and retaining sponsors. Event Software Online 5.0’s sponsor dashboard tells you at a glance how your sponsor committee is performing, so you can stay apprised on progress and appropriately motivate sponsor committee members. Easy-to-read gauges track achievement of sponsor revenue goals, number of sponsorships sold by committee member, and sponsor pipeline, plus “Top 5” sponsors, “Top 5” committee members by number of solicited sponsorships, and what’s needed to achieve sponsorship goals.

Easier management of online campaign images. Event Software Online 5.0’s new consolidated image repository lets you use the same image file for all your online fundraising campaigns. Instead of relying on each member of your event team to store and maintain event-related images, Event Software Online 5.0 will store images in a centralized system so that everyone can use an image in multiple online fundraising campaigns without uploading the image every time.