Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stick With Why

Engaged donors supporting Central City Concern
during their appeal
Congratulations to Central City Concern on another successful Working Our Way Home Luncheon last week! One of the strongest aspects of the program was how they told the story of their organization. They stuck with talking about why they do the work that they do.

Central City Concern has many different programs to help people achieve self-sufficiency. But there are too many to discuss in detail at an event like the luncheon and maintain audience attention.

So they took a different approach and distilled their work into 4 simple—and strategic—talking points: Homelessness, Health Care, Employment and Peer Support.

These 4 points were woven throughout the program, by both speakers and the video they played at the start of the luncheon.

By going back to their why—the heart of what they do—Central City Concern was not only able to hone in on why their work matters, but also connect with their guests about the shared values of self-sufficiency and empowerment that brought them to the luncheon in the first place.

Congratulations again to Central City Concern on a great event! To see a fantastic example of how to speak from a place of why, click on the video above.